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Dev's Note

A Beacon of Hope
for Survival

A shocking disaster struck and brought endless winter.
As a leader of the City, the fate of humanity is in your hands.
You must make critical decisions.
Make. The. Right. Calls.

The City's
First step

Use the heat of a massive Generator,
survive the extreme cold.
Create a refuge and expand the City
by constructing buildings for survivors.

The Weight of
Your Decisions

In the toughest times,
every decision comes with consequences.
As a leader, you have to decide between survival and morals
and face the consequences of your decisions.
Which path are you going to choose?

  • Could you provide a week's worth of rations?
    Please, I must go save my daughter.

  • Elders and children are
    not working!
    Should we give rations
    to them as well?
    Please, make the decision for us!

  • People who are sick and injured
    do not contribute to our community.
    We are against building a hospital for them with our precious resources.
    Please reconsider!

the Unknown

Explore the icy Tundra
where relics of the old world, vital resources, survivors,
and unique wildlife endure.
Explore to gather resources
and manage the city strategically.

The World
in Your Hands

Enjoy the epic storyline of Frostpunk
on your phone!
The survival of humanity is in your hands.


Traces of
a Doomed World

Unlock the gates of knowledge of the changed world
for a greater chance of survival.
Look around the world and prepare for the impending disaster.

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